Yearly Contributions

Our congregation members and friends are our biggest supporters, giving of their volunteer energies and financial resources to support our church’s core purpose and programs. Thank you to all who give of themselves so generously; without you we could not continue to serve the congregation or the public in the ways that we do.

In addition, the Glenview New Church is alive with a core purpose and core values aimed at making the teachings and life of the New Church available to the world around us. We have a great school, a long and lovely history, resources for reaching our goals and getting the job done, and a commitment to ongoing improvement for the sake of those we serve. Come, help us with our mission. Financial contributions to the Glenview New Church are deeply appreciated and play a vital role in supporting the Church’s purpose and future health.

The Glenview New Church does not suggest donations of any amount or percentage. Instead, we leave our members and friends free to give according to their hearts and abilities. Again, thank you for all that you do to help improve the vitality of the Glenview New Church.

A Message from the Contributions Committee – 2018

Dear Friends,

In an effort to increase the number of new contributions, we have launched a first time donor matching opportunity. A group of local businesses has pooled funds for this effort. More businesses are welcome to join the group (talk to Erika Horigan if interested).

Are you a first-time donor to the Glenview New Church? Or a donor who hasn’t contributed in over a year? If so, this is a wonderful time to begin donating, as your contribution will be matched dollar per dollar up to the amount that is in the fund. Here are the parameters of the program:

•  The match will be a dollar-per-dollar match up to the fund’s total.
•  Once we hit that mark the match is closed for the year.
•  The match is for new contributors only—defined as someone who hasn’t contributed in over a year.
•  The contribution and the match are for the General Fund only.

If you would like to donate, and believe you are eligible for a match, please click the “Donate” button below. Please be sure to “describe your donation” in the space provided by writing: “I believe I’m eligible for a match.”

Thank you,
The Glenview New Church Contributions Committee: Jill Brickman, Aixa Chen, Colin Cole, Ellen Pendleton, Erika Horigan (Chair), and Keith Parker (GNC Treasurer)

Ways to Give

By mail: The Glenview New Church, Treasurer, 74 Park Drive, Glenview, IL 60025 – cash, check or credit card (Master Card and Visa) – or by mailing the completed Annual Fund Drive Pledge Form

By phone: Judy Teel, 847.724.0057 extension 26 – credit card (Master Card and Visa)

Online: Accepted only through PayPal. PayPal accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover or funds through a PayPal Account. Never e-mail your credit card information.