Congregational Sunday, September 20th

church insideOne Service in the Sanctuary (Congregational Sunday). Jay will preach on “Building and Rebuilding Through Understanding. ” This service will include an address to the children. ‘Building’ is the theme introduced in our Pledge Packet of May 2015, and a good way to envision building, and a good way to envision building on our strengths as a church and school in 2015-16. Our organist, Dr. Kirsten Synnestvedt, has also arranged to have musical guest Karen Dessent perform a Flute Solo as part of this service.

After the 9:30 am Service in the Sanctuary is concluded, we will have several mini-events:

  • Refreshments and a time to sing Happy Birthday to Katie Fuller on her 100th Birthday! (Assembly Hall)
  • Teacher Recognition Awards with Special Attention on Rebekah Russell, Principal of the Glenview New Church School (Auditorium).
  • Brief introduction regarding the Forward Look Committee by Jay Barry.
  • Bishop Peter Buss, Jr. on support of New Church Education for Glenview.
  • Presentation by Rachel Glenn on Sunday School and non-day resources.

Close at 11:45 am.