Forward Look – Non-Day School Sub-Commmittee Meeting

The business of the Non-Day School Subcommittee will be to determine recommendations for other forms of New Church Education besides the Day School in the Glenview New Church, moving forward.
The Glenview New Church (GNC) is undertaking a strategic planning process in regard to New Church Education (NCE), in all its forms, through engagement of a “Forward Look Committee” (FLC) comprised of members of the Midwestern Academy Board (MANC), the Board of Trustees (BOT), and members of the church community.  This FLC has been formed, but much of the work will be done by three sub-committees which anyone may join:  
1. The Day School Subcommittee will determine recommendations for the Glenview New Church School moving forward.
2. The Non-Day-School Subcommittee  will determine recommendations for other forms of NCE moving forward.
3. The Finances Subcommittee will look at past metrics and project future metrics to determine how NCE in the GNC will be paid for in the future.
The Subcommittees will meet separately and keep the FLC apprised of their progress.  They have a focus on Feb. 15th to complete their work.  Anyone may join any of the Subcommittees.  You don’t have to come to every meeting if you join. In fact you are welcome to just come to as few as one subcommittee meeting, and you don’t have to sign up ahead of time (though that will ensure you are notified of meeting times, places, etc.  Our intention is to make the process transparent, with communication flowing as freely as possible.  This is a community challenge which needs to include the community in order to “get it right”.  Your voice counts.  To join a committee, please contact me, or call 847-998-5269(h), 847-962-4073(c).  Roxanne Jungé, FLC Project Manager