Live-Streamed Sunday Morning Services!

9:30 am – Live Streamed from the Church Sanctuary or Auditorium.

To access each service, you will go online to the GNC’s YouTube channel by clicking on the following link:

Once the channel has opened, scroll down and click on the service for that day. Each service will be automatically archived when it ends, and it can be watched online any time after that.

A message from our Pastor:

Dear Members & Friends of the Glenview New Church,

In consultation with the Pastor’s Council and BOT, and in keeping with the “strong recommendation” that our parent organization has issued, the Glenview New Church will now cancel in-person attendance at worship services, beginning this Sunday continuing until the coronovirus pandemic has passed. We do this in support of our country’s efforts to “flatten the curve” of the pandemic, and to avoid overpowering our country’s medical resources while the virus is running its course.

During this time, Elmo and I will offer one live-streamed service each Sunday. The service will happen at 9:30 each week, which will allow people to watch it live at that time or archived at 11:00. The services will alternate back and forth between the auditorium and sanctuary, except for Easter Sunday, when we will offer two services. Each service will be simple in format, with a pre- inter- and postlude music as appropriate, interspersed with an opening of the Word, prayer, readings, a sermon, benediction, and closing of the Word. Each service will offer a message for children and a sermon for adults, with visual aids as appropriate for children, and guided activities that can be done by children who are watching online. We will also send out an extra project via e-mail, prepared by Rebekah Russell, for children to do at home any time after the service if they wish. The readings for each Sunday will be sent out by the pastors in advance of each service so that people can follow along. We will provide written copies of sermons for people who don’t have access to the internet, and we’ll figure out a system for getting copies into people’s hands in as timely a manner as possible after each service. This plan will be in place until the end of May unless otherwise noted.

Kind regards,


Rev. Mark Pendleton Pastor, Glenview New Church