Mindful Communication Challenge Journey Program – begins February 5th!

ccm-663x1024Small group and sermon series written by Sasha Silverman and John Odhner.

Is it true? Kind? Useful?

Our next sermon series, “The Mindful Communication Challenge”, begins on Sunday, February 5th. For five weeks we will be looking at different parables from the Gospels, with a focus on how they call us to interact with other people with kindness, authenticity, and purpose. During this time, Associate Pastor Mac Frazier will be offering a weekly small group experience on Wednesday nights (except for one week which will have to move to a Tuesday or a Thursday). If this interests you, please let him know. Also, if you are already in a small group–or are interested in starting one–we will have a companion book for this series that we think you will find useful (and true, and kind!). Finally, even if you don’t want to be a part of a group, the book by itself can be a very useful tool in your spiritual development just used by you personally. The books will be available the first week of the series. If any of this intrigues you, email, text or call Mac via mac.frazier@gmail.com