The Cycle of Life Sermon Series – begins January 17th

cycle of life posterPDF copyPlease join me this Sunday, January 17th, for part one of three consecutive Sundays: “The Cycle of Life” (see poster attached).  

The teachings of the New Church emphasize the full range of development during a person’s lifetime, from childhood until old age. Each stage becomes the building block for the next, with the Lord leading us to different levels of human experience. The cycle of life is a design of hope and promise for people of all ages, and all faith traditions. 

This Sunday, we will start at the end, with a discussion about The Fruit of Old Age (Ps. 92:14). Week two (Jan 24) will discuss The Nature of Maturity(from Luke 6:37). Our final service (Jan. 31) will be Unless You Become Like Children(Matt. 18:3) the essential role childhood in the development of the human mind. 

I would like to remind you that Sunday Jan. 31 will be our Congregational Sunday format, with one service at 9:30 am in the Sanctuary, with refreshments and a program in the Auditorium after the service. (Rev. Jay Barry)