The Lord is My Shepherd – Sermon Series

This year, we are designating October 2015lord-is-my-shepherd_t_nv
as “The Lord is My Shepherd” Month at the Glenview New Church.
This is the theme for the entire year at Glenview New Church School, and Rev. Mark Pendleton and I want to bring the topic to the congregation in four consecutive Sunday talks. Psalm 23 has visual images that portray confidence and security. In the beautiful words of this beloved Psalm, each person who seeks Him is depicted as a lamb, being guided by the Lord on a path to enrichment and heaven.

Our talks on October 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th will partake of this uplifting theme. 

With the message of Psalm 23 resounding in school chapel, Sunday school programs and on four Sundays in October, we hope this will be an inspiring and unifying way for the congregation to begin the school year. I hope you will join us in October for “The Lord is My Shepherd” month. (Rev. Jay H. Barry)