Welcome to the Glenview New Church

Welcome to the Glenview New Church. With so many churches to serve you in our area, I’m glad you’re considering us as one of your options.

When you come to the Glenview New Church, what will you discover? You’ll discover a group of good people—people who love their faith; people who put that faith to work in their lives and relationships; and people who genuinely care about the welfare of others around them. Newcomers to our church often say, “This is one of the friendliest churches I’ve ever met.” As they get to know us better, they often remark on the earnestness with which our people put spiritual principles into practice, and also the warm sense of community and mutual support that result from it. These are just a few of the things that this church spontaneously offers.

The Glenview New Church is a family church. We value wholesome family life and connections as one of our highest goals. Our church and school are places where parents and teachers devote themselves to the children’s welfare; where children know that they’re safe and secure; and where kids enjoy open, genuine communication and relationship with siblings, parents, and people of all ages. The family atmosphere that exists here is palpable everywhere on our campus—from Sunday morning worship services and Sunday school experiences, to the religious school that we offer the public, to community/social events that we host, and more. Because of this, I like to think of the Glenview New Church as a church for life—one in which people are well served from cradle to grave.

The Glenview New Church is also a church that is helping make Glenview and the surrounding world a better place. As individuals, we are diligent in our daily work and professional lives, knowing that honesty, decency, and personal integrity in our dealings with others are the real backbone of healthy culture and a thriving world. But in addition to these things, our people get involved in efforts beyond our walls—in some cases around the world—to extend a hand of kindness and support to people of all races, faiths, lifestyles, and cultures.

There’s so much that I can tell you about the Glenview New Church, so much for you to learn and discover. Please come for a visit any time.

Welcome to the Glenview New Church. I’m glad you’ve come.



Rev. Mark Pendleton, Senior Pastor